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SEE the little things


Our stories

After working serious jobs for a few years we decided that we should not wait to see the world when we retire, but pursue a lifestyle of true work life balance. Work hard, play hard.

see the little things is the documentary of our endeavour of simplifying life, decelerating pace, and practicing mindfulness. Season 2019 will start off in Greece. We figure it out as we go and have no idea what we’re doing. Follow our stories.

This is our latest video! We are on the move again! Leaving the Ionian Islands (Greece) behind. Off to the Gulf of Corinth, going under the Rion Bridge and then through the Corinth Canal. Exciting times lie ahead of us..


Who we are



Kid from Southern Germany, moved to Berlin. Mainly good at doing digital things, now wondering how engines work. First successes doing oil changes.



A Dutch girl that spent her last 6 years in Berlin before moving onto Blue in March 2019! Mainly into (healthy) food and reading fantasy. Got into fermenting foods 2 years ago and took all the experiments in a suitcase on the plane. Trying to make boat cooking into a sour and tasty experiment!


Our home

We live on BLUE, A Beneteau Oceanis 361 Sailing Yacht

It’s a pretty comfortable 36 ft sloop from 2001. Stuff breaks from time to time. Improvements to be made everywhere.

Head over to Hands On where we talk about fixing or maintaining things.


Where are we now



We are in Greece! We left our home base Lefkas Marina and discover the Greek islands, started in the Ionian Sea. Currently we explore the Aegean.