The Sailor's Dream - Atlantic Crossing part 5

The Sailor's Dream - Atlantic Crossing part 5

Today is the day. The day we make landfall. The day we can say "we crossed an ocean". The day we lived up to a wild dream we had 6 years ago.

It has been a long journey to get where we are at right now and many things did not go according to plan. The pandemic messed with our time lines (I mean who didn't have that happen to them?) and we had to adjust and reroute over the past years. We ended up starting the Atlantic crossing together with our little man. Which was something we definitely hadn't counted on when this wild dream set up camp in our minds all those years ago.

But here we are, we made it past all the obstacles and bumps in the road and feel so proud (and a little sad it's over) when we see the shapes of the Caribbean islands show up on the horizon. We did it. Just like that. Within the blink of an eye the end is suddenly visible and we made the sailor's dream come true. It's a crazy feeling when that happens.

I guess it's time for a new dream now! We're open to suggestions 😉 . It's a long one this time, so get your popcorn ready. Hope you enjoy it!

Mandy, Alex & little Levi