We finally arrive in Cape Verde!

We finally arrive in Cape Verde!

Good morning/afternoon dear Sailors!

This episode we finally arrive in Cape Verde. We hadn't expected the trip to turn into 3 videos, since it felt like we hadn't filmed that much. Especially I, Mandy, did not  have time or energy to film. We were both surprised Alex managed to pick up the camera as often as he did. And it felt like we really needed to show you all that happened. So 3 videos it is!

The trip is now starting to take its toll on all of us, the lack of sleep and food and the constant movement is starting to make us all sick (literally). So you can imagine our relief when we finally see land and arrive! Before we check out this rugged and bare African island, we crash and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Join us this week on the last day of the toughest journey we've ever done in our lives.

Mandy, Alex & little Levi