A day in the life

A day in the life

Hey guys, chances are you have seen this on YouTube already. We just haven't managed to update our website yet. Alex invested in a new MacBook and we're back online, for now. So let's keep things nice and tidy and include this real-time update video on our website posts!

Soon we're starting our work on the Caribbean videos. We noticed it's just not viable to do weekly instalments of the show and currently we are simply finding ways to juggle life. It's a lot of work. Big channels have help, and we're just not able to afford or outsource to get closer to real time AND deliver weekly. We're simply not big, and it is what it is.

What you CAN expect from us is high quality fun entertainment and that takes time and comes irregularly. Even though we know that YouTube punishes irregular uploads that's what we do.

We're also progressing on our new project liveaboardacademy.com ! Loads of people have filled out our survey about live aboard life and we're excited to read all the answers, questions, comments. The curriculum is coming along nicely and soon it is time to reveal some of the work.

But until then, we're taking care of Levi, cook some nice meals, check our energy balance, and get back to you soon.