How to sail Greece

Hands down one of the best and most affordable ways to enjoy the Greek islands by sailboat.

How to sail Greece

Hey guys!

we're back with another video for you, but not Caribbean nor Holland. What.👏  A. 👏 Surprise! 👏 This time we take you back to an adventure we had just a few weeks before we came back to Blue as a family.

Some said that crossing the Atlantic with a baby was reckless, but you know we're project managers and know how to mitigate risk :)
We needed to figure out if we can actually set foot on a sailboat with Levi around. And when Andy came up with the plan to get some sailing channels together for a week of sailing the Cyclades, we couldn't say no.

It was perfect timing. We were still at our families in Europe to recover from birth and at 3 months we knew we could board a 3 hour flight to Athens. With Herb and Maddie (Rigging Doctor), Joel and Michal (Bums on a Boat), Josh Post, and Andy with Hiba and his kid Arthur, we knew we were in good hands.

After that week, we were confident that we could go back to our own boat which was waiting for us in the Canary Islands and continue our plan to cross. It still took lots of preparations and sleepless nights, but that storyline you saw already :)

Enjoy the next few videos making new sailing friends and having a fun time aboard Ithaka, a 56 foot Ocean Star, sailing Greece! Oh Greece...

Alex, Mandy, Levi

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