It's go time – Atlantic Crossing Part 1

Here we go. The trip of our lives begins as we set sail in Mindelo, Africa.

It's go time – Atlantic Crossing Part 1

Hey everyone!

We are slowly getting our life in order (some days at least) and I was finally able to work the whole week! It feels so good to not just be a mama to Levi and to sit down and work for a few hours in a row on a regular basis.

Now without further ado, this episode we are setting off on what will turn out to be a 20 day journey and we are off to a comfortable and amazing start. A day and night difference to our last rollercoaster ride to hell. Poseidon decides to throw some fish our way and we're just enjoying the Atlantic sailing life. Sail, sleep, fish, eat, relax and watch those endless waves and blue water pass by.

Hope you're gonna love it. This is the passage we have been looking forward to for years and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did watching it back now!

Mandy, Alex & little Levi