When it comes to sailing and boat life, there are as many opinions as people. We learned that we should listen to all but follow just a few, develop a gut feeling, understand our own needs, and make a decision.

Boat life is different for everyone and we understand there is not one solution to a problem. What we can show you is what works for us, and maybe it works for you too. And hopefully you can make your own decisions with more confidence.

Check out the posts below.

Little upgrades for family cruising
We returned to our boat not only with a baby, but with 2 moving boxes filled with little upgrades. It’s almost like Christmas, which is great, because we missed making our gift guide video this year. We’re about to make some more boat upgrades so we can cruise
More Brilliant Gifts for Sailors
This year we found more gift ideas in our lockers. Check out the holiday gift guide 2020 below! Ecoflow Delta 1300 (sponsored link) Make sure you use our discount code EF-LITTLETHINGS to get a discount on your order! Bialetti Coffee Express Garmin
Christmas Gift Ideas for sailors
As the holiday season is coming closer, some of you might wonder what to give to your sailor friends. We all know that space on a boat is valuable and very limited, so it’s important to gift something that is small and practical, preferably not too expensive. If you’